Goals-based Investing

We believe in building investment strategies with a goal (such as retirement or college funding) in mind, whereas the priority is time horizon and risk tolerance. In so doing, performance chasing is minimized.

Asset Allocation

We believe the key driver of investment performance is asset allocation, specifically the mix of stocks, bonds, cash, and to a lesser degree, commodities and real estate. This often leads to balanced portfolios that help investors prepare for a multitude of outcomes.

Financial Wellness

We want to walk beside you on the road to attaining and maintaining financial wellness. Learn more about Financial Wellness.

Costs Matter

We believe in thrift. Full service fees (based on assets under management) and hourly fees are highly competitive. Low cost is also a priority in security selection. Researcher Morningstar says, “Expenses have greater predictive value than any other data point in the fund universe.”

Personalized Investment Choices and Values Based Investing

Many of our clients want their financial goals aligned with their environmental, social, and governance priorities such as clean energy, artificial intelligence, electric vehicles, cannabis, augmented reality, the pet industry, etc. We are committed to helping our clients achieve this alignment.


We believe in transparency, especially when it comes to cost. All advisory fees incurred by clients are shown quarterly on separate statements. Transaction fees are reported by the custodian. Mutual Fund and Exchange Traded Fund expense ratios are reported by individual fund company prospectuses.


We believe in quality confirmed by research. ASG subscribes to Morningstar research and multiple stock analysis tools. Our partnership with TD Ameritrade Institutional/Charles Schwab also provides robust research and analysis tools. Quality and cost of all investment recommendations are fully vetted through research.


We believe in common sense and simplicity, although both are often in short supply in the world of finance. Uncluttered, client-focused strategies avoid unnecessary complexity and associated high costs. Fourteenth century philosopher William Occum said, “When confronted with multiple solutions to a problem, choose the simplest one.”


We believe in educating our clients by helping them understand financial terms and investment strategies and how they can plan for and achieve financial health.

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