Fiduciary Standard of Care

Our only duty is to you.

ASG is a fee-only Registered Investment Advisor (RIA). The firm has no commission-based affiliations. It operates under the fiduciary standard of care. This standard requires the RIA and its representatives to place client interests first, even ahead of its own.

Many competitors, specifically broker/dealer firms and insurance companies, operate under the weaker suitability standard. The corresponding commission-based compensation system is vulnerable to conflicts of interest and salesmanship.

Unfortunately, the public is often unaware of the distinction between the two systems, but government officials are not. Recently, the Labor Department, the SEC, and even the White House have been calling for regulation that applies the stronger fiduciary standard to everyone that offers financial advice. There is particular scrutiny surrounding retirement accounts and advice related to retirement. The proposed change would be good for consumers, as long as harmonization does not dilute the fiduciary standard under which ASG already does business.

Start small and grow with us.

Even though there has been considerable growth in RIAs, many are inaccessible to investors with small accounts. Some RIAs set account minimums at $750,000! Almost all RIAs consider accounts under $100,000 too small.

At ASG, our philosophy is that small accounts grow to large accounts over time. The account minimum at ASG is $10,000 and we welcome investment management conversations with anyone interested in building financial independence.

Lower fees without losing the personal touch.

ASG is committed to highly competitive fees for full service investment management as well as project work done on an hourly basis. Expensive office space is not the order of the day at ASG. In its place, you’ll find highly personalized service tailored to your unique circumstances.

We value the nuanced dialog of face-to-face meetings, especially early in the money management relationship. Once a strategy is in place, we value regular follow-up meetings that act like booster shots. Technology tools have their place in our practice but communication, especially the part of listening and understanding, is all human. We invite you to start a conversation with us!