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Fifteen Percent – July 2019

One rule of thumb for funding retirement is to establish a savings rate of 15%. This savings rate is important because, unlike the market return on our investments, it is within our control. Some argue that this rate is too high, but experience has taught us that it is easier to work with abundance than […]

Millionaires – September 2018

As we approach the second half of 2018, there is no shortage of signals merit worthy of attention among investors. Rising interest rates, tension regarding trade policy, and mid-term elections will surely hold our attention. Meanwhile, a strengthening US economy thankfully overshadows the noise of the Oval Office and politics in general. A durable economic […]

Save! – April 2018

A recent Wall Street Journal headline reads, “Americans Save Less as the Good Times Roll”. Personal savings as a percentage of disposable income dropped to a 12-year low in December as consumers spent more. In our consumer-driven economy, this spending is good for businesses and is reflected in rising stock prices. At ASG, we are […]

Tax Reform – October 2017

A Message to the Valued Clients of ASG: The US tax code has grown frustratingly complex over the last 30 plus years. In Washington, an army of lobbyists applies constant pressure for special tax treatment for constituencies of all shapes and sizes. The result has been a dizzying array of exclusions, exemptions, deductions, and credits. […]

Fiduciary – August 2017

Following a 60-day delay, the Department of Labor (DOL) Fiduciary Rule was implemented on June 9. The Rule affects all financial professionals who make retirement account recommendations, but there are key distinctions among the different types of businesses. In general terms, there are two types of financial services companies that provide recommendations to retirement account […]

Save – April 2017

Good news! This year, April 15 is on a Saturday. Emancipation Day is observed on Monday, April 17. Therefore, the tax filing deadline is April 18. Still, the window to fund an IRA for the prior year (2016) is closing. Please reach out to your advisor if you haven’t already funded your IRA for 2016 […]

Trump – January 2017

Winston Churchill once said, “The problems of victory are more agreeable than those of defeat, but they are no less difficult.” When President Elect Donald Trump takes the Oval Office in January of 2017, he will undoubtedly face the truth of those words spoken long ago. It should come as no surprise that the newly […]

Yellen – December 2016

On September 21, Janet Yellen and Federal Open Market Committee members left The Federal Funds Rate unchanged. Previously, the likelihood of a rise in the rate had become elevated. Even as the rate is unchanged now, the meeting notes imply that a rate increase may be warranted in December. Whether an increase in the rate […]

Brexit 2016

In a historic referendum vote on June 23, citizens in Britain chose to leave the European Union. British Prime Minister David Cameron announced he would resign and the political path forward is unknown. This disruption of the status quo is likely to linger and some political analysts say other member nations will also be emboldened […]

April 2016

A powerful and sustained relief rally in US stocks has wiped out the sharp losses that characterized the start of 2016. Both professional and amateur stock market forecasters were understandably pessimistic in the face of elevated volatility. But, as is so often the case, the selling was exhausted and sentiment shifted. Our most important job […]